by steph maclaren

 I recently had the pleasure of designing the full album digipak artwork for a 'punk piano' duo called the 'Needle Poppets'. The album entitled 'Fame To The Nation" is a concept of sorts dealing with the rise and fall of fame & the strange and depraved places it seems to take some people. Many of the tracks feature a range of sad alcoholic suicidal clown, a precocious boy pianist and a corpse prostitute to name but a few. After listening to there material I thought it would be a good idea to go down a darkly whimsical route with these characters in the artwork, best encapsulating the theatrically dramatic sound the band produce. I also undertook a photoshoot, dressing the model as the clown character Plinky. These images were then used in the final artwork for the CD disc & behind disc page.

You can hear & purchase this great album here

In other news I have currently finished the teaser single artwork (to be posted here upon release) for a band called the Ancient Addicts. The debut album artwork is to come in a few months this space! 

Front Cover.jpg
Back Cover.jpg
Inside Cover.jpg
Disc Cover.jpg
rum bottle label.png

A custom Rum bottle label designed for the prop used in the photoshoot for the CD disc image above. 

digipac cover.jpg